As we move toward Thanksgiving, the concept of gratitude has me contemplating abundance.  So often, we give thanks for what we already have, and ownership provides a sense of safety.

In yogic thought, abundance is looked at quite differently.  Rather than being a stockpile, it is akin to faith -- the deep knowing that one will have what one needs when one needs it.  It is the foundation of generosity and allows us to practice aparigraha (non-hoarding) as we hold an open hand that is ready to both give and receive.

It is common to set an intention for our practice.  We hold it in our hearts, or write it on a paper which we tuck beneath our mat, our meditation seat or place on our altar.  However when we come to our practice, rather than coming to the mat in an attitude of supplication, making a request, instead we might come with gratitude, giving thanks for having already received.  For just listening to our breath, hearing the echo of the mantra So Hum, we know that our very breath itself contains the truth "I am That.  I am All That Is."  And so, there is nothing to ask for.  We have only to give thanks because we already contain everything.  True abundance.