Yoga and meditation have been proven to repeatedly increase productivity and creativity in corporate environments. By stimulating brain function and creating movement where there is stagnancy, stress is reduced, communication and problem solving skills improve and there is an increase in overall health leading to less sick days and more enthusiasm on a day-to-day basis. Studies show that offices offering opportunities for employees to practice wellness earn employee trust resulting in more loyalty and increased profitability.  Lisa Benner Living offers programming tailored to suit the needs of individuals, including physical postures, meditation, breathing techniques and corporate productivity exercises. 

Nutrition is best approached from a holistic perspective. When improved, it will enhance the entire living experience as well as greatly augment productivity and well-being in the work environment. When working with certified health practitioners, employees will have increased energy levels, less sick days, better mood and overall sensation of feeling heard and respected. Holistic Health Coaches are literally transforming the work places of the top corporations in America by creating happy, healthy, thriving individuals who increase work efficiency and productivity.

Lisa Benner Living specializes in designing a program to meet the specific needs and goals of your employees. Our philosophy is that no one diet or exercise plan works for everyone, which is why we practice individual care and tailor programs to meet individual needs even within group settings. Our staff is very experienced and trained specifically to conduct sessions in a way that everyone is included and challenged at the appropriate level. Dietary theory is gentle yet effective emphasizing real whole local foods, mindful eating practices and slow steady improvements. Yoga classes are Hatha Yoga emphasizing classical poses, breath work and deep relaxation. This particular combination of yoga and holistic nutrition purifies the physical body, elevates the mind and yields a general sense of contentment and direction.



Each session includes: breathing techniques, physical postures, meditation & relaxation.

Session Duration: 55 minutes (unless otherwise negotiated)

Program Pricing:

  • One-time Event: $175/hr
  • 1x weekly (8 week commitment): $150/hr
  • 2x weekly (8 week commitment): $125/hr
  • 3 or more weekly (8 week commitment): $110/hr

*Rates are for up to 10 people. Each additional participant is $10/class.


Holistic Nutrition

Each session includes: lecture, partner work, goal setting, group sharing and time for individual questions with your holistic health coach. Examples of lecture topics include: juicing vs. smoothies, eating out and on a budget, fermentation, cleansing and more... 

Session Duration: 75 minutes

Program Pricing:

  • 4-Sessions: $700 offered weekly or bi-weekly


Holistic Wellness: Yoga & Nutrition

Program includes: 8- week program with weekly yoga class and bi-weekly nutrition meet-up.

Session Duration: As above

Program Pricing:

  • Total Program Cost: $1700**

Program Benefits: Increase of overall health, improved energy, mental clarity, reprieve from common digestive ailments, brighter eyes, glowing skin, strengthened immune system, more restful sleep, sense of empowerment, excitement for life, increase in self-confidence and much more.


One-time WORKSHOPS AND special events

  • Corporate Retreats
  • Yoga for Beginners
  • Yoga at your Desk
  • Relaxation through Yoga and Meditation
  • Holistic Nutrition for Beginners
  • Fermentation 101

and more…