Whether in a private setting or with a gathered group of friends, sessions are tailored to illuminate the aspects of health and nutrition through which you desire a more guided exploration.

Fermentation:  The Trilogy

A 2-hour workshop focusing on the benefits of the three key elements of fermented foods which promote healing and wellness of the digestive system:  kombucha, kefir, and cultured vegetables.  Participants leave with a sample of each culture.


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Fermentation: The Next Level

Whether you took the Trilogy workshop  or have been exploring on your own, if your interest in fermented foods has been piqued,  explore ways to expand your repertoire!

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Shopping Tour

Learn to navigate the labyrinth of your local grocery store, read labels, and cull out that which nourishes from the overwhelming array of products.




Sessions can be tailored to guide you in creating a specific dish, expand your repertoire, or set the foundation for healthy food preparation.

Single - $95

Package of 4 - $350