Energetic Embodiment

Asana, or physical practice, is often one’s starting point in yoga, but that gateway can lead us to depths we didn’t even think to dream of yet!  Wherever you are at in your physical journey, come explore deepening your embodiment of postures applying energetic principles of the subtle body through the magnificent toolkit of your physical body.  Participants will learn practical techniques they can continue to use to enhance their practice throughout their journey.

Introduction to Traditional Mantra

Sanskrit is a vibrational language.  Through the traditional practice of mantra, the practitioners learns to direct energy (prana) through energetic channels (nadis) to effect change in body, mind and spirit.  This workshop will include a general overview of the Sanskrit language and pronunciation, a review of different forms of mantra, and methodologies of practice.  We will focus on classical call and response as well as repetition.  Participants will learn to begin or expand their personal practice.

Practice for a Vibrant Life

Asana, or physical practice, is most people’s entryway to the science of Yoga.  As we continue to explore the postures, we gain health, strength, and flexibility.  We also notice our life off the mat transforming as we handle stress management, communication, and problem solving with greater ease.  Come and experience how to consciously use yogic practices as a tool for vibrant living and radiant be-ing.  We will explore yoga asana, hatha yoga philosophy, and discussion to better experience and understand the power of yoga to transform lives.


Pranayama  - levels 1, 2 & 3

Pranayama is the practice of directing your energy or life giving forces (prana) by controlling your breath. Pranayama is practiced to generate positive feelings, calm, heal, cleanse and vitalize the nerves, lungs and bloodstream. This workshop provides both theory and practice to teach you how to set up an invigorating and healing breathing routine.
The workshop is aimed toward beginner to intermediate. Come and experience one of the most powerful tools for mental balance, control and stress management.

Rock Your Foundation

Often, when we begin to approach the practice of yoga, we soon hear a lot of reference to mula bandha. It is clear that it is very important -- foundational, even -- but what is it exactly? How do we access and use it? What does it do? And if we find it, where do we go from there? In this workshop, we will learn how to access mula bhanda -- physically and energetically -- in asana, pranayama and dharana to root, flip and rock your foundation.

The Waters:  Reflections in the Light and the Dark

In the quest for self-development, we are seeking both clarity and transformation. We want to balance the ability to see things for what they are with the magic to transform and create something new.  This workshop provides both Hatha Yoga philosophy and asana practices to look deep inside, see what is reflected, and dive into the process of manifestation.  We will explore using the body as a window into the darkest water of the soul.  



Continuing Education for Teachers

De-mystifying Discernment

Yoga means union, and the primary goal of this science is the union of body, mind and spirit.  As such, the physical form tends to be our first tool – our gateway to the profound gifts of this practice.  Whether working in a group or private setting, come explore how the breath and classical surya namaskar can share powerful insights into how we, as yoga teachers, can serve the individual physically, energetically and spiritually.


The Energetics of Assisting

Enhancements, adjustments and assists are major tools in the yoga teachers’ tool box.  The best guidance I have ever received in this area is to “lay your hands on someone with the intention of making them a better person not give them a better pose”.  Come explore techniques of seeing how energy moves in the body, and learn to use an understanding of the physicalization of bandha in order to give that energy intention and direction in your students.

Intentional Teaching

This continuing education workshop is an invitation to deepen your techniques to move from a place of intention when creating and teaching your classes.  Personal practice is a rich resource for teaching — experience in sadhana develops the self and experience with techniques gives us knowledge.  Using knowledge from experience informs how we sequence, prepare the body, create an energetic effect, and invite our students (whether in private or in a group) on a journey of inquiry.  We will explore the relationship of theme with asana, weaving this theme throughout our classes, while being present to teach the specific individuals in the room.  Please come with a willingness to explore and collaborate.

Weekend Intensive

Introduction to Hatha Yoga

This 16 hour intensive includes two master classes and introductions to the philosophy of the Hatha Yoga Pradipika, sadhana, shat kriya, pranayama and mantra.  It is suitable for both 300hr level of teacher training as well as individuals seeking to deepen their personal practice.

Teacher Trainings

200Hr Yoga Teacher Training Certification

As director of 200hr Teacher Trainings for Hathavidya, both hosting and collaboration possibilities are available.  Click HERE for more information on Hathavidya.