Lisa Benner Living  is based in Manhattan. Sessions may be held at your location, in my home studio or at a rental location.


Private Sessions

The traditional intention of yoga is that it be taught one on one.  Private sessions allow for a carefully crafted and personal practice.  Sessions are generally one hour in length, but this is negotiable.


Semi-private Sessions

These sessions are also focused on personal needs and goals with the added benefit of camaraderie.  Maximum of 3 practitioners.


Group Classes

Enjoy all the benefits of practicing in a group environment with the bonus of choosing your own community!  Sessions are tailored to the collective’s interests and needs.


Corporate Classes

More and more companies are incorporating yoga and wellness programs into their corporate structure, recognizing the importance of their employees’ health and sense of well-being.  Research has shown such programs:

  • increase productivity, clarity and focus
  • improve morale
  • improve energy, stamina and resistance to illness
  • aid in stress management
  • improve communication and interpersonal skills

Sessions are taught at your location at a time convenient for the workplace environment. Click here for more information on corporate wellness programs and rates.



Individual session  -  $150/hr.

10-week course of study:

  • One  1hr. session per week  -  $1400 ($140 per hour)
  • Two  1hr. sessions per week  - $2500 ($125 per hour)
  • Three 1hr. sessions per week  - $3000 ($100 per hour)

Group classes:

  • 1 hour class  -  $150
  • 1.5 hour class  -  $175 

If a studio needs to be booked, Lisa Benner Living will find and book the studio; cost of the studio rental is in addition to the session rate.

“Asanas [yoga’s physical poses] have been evolved over the centuries so as to exercise every muscle, nerve and gland in the body.  They secure a fine physique, which is strong and elastic without being muscle-bound and they keep the body free from disease.  They reduce fatigue and soothe the nerves.  But their real importance lies in the way they train and discipline the mind.”
B. K. S. Iyengar