• Bennington, VT

Blessed be and blessed are the ones who dance together. Blessed be and blessed are Maiden, Mother and Crone. Join us for the semi-annual event of celebration, unity, friendship and family as we lift one another up October 28 - 30. The ancient Gaelic celebration of Samhain is a time to call upon the ancestors, pay homage to those who have walked before and turn our energies to developing the woman within. We will combine ancient yogic practices under the filter of Samhain as we come together with women in all phases of lis life cycle honoring the young ones, the mother and those who have earned their wisdom with years.

The weekend will offer opportunity to participate in rituals, physical practices, yogasana, chanting sacred mantra, crafting, dance, bonfire and, of course, lots of delicious organic food to nourish. All practices will be optional.

The opportunity to simply sit with one another will be honored as we absorb the powerful strength in holding space for our tribe. Nothing is more powerful than a group of women joining together in circle with clarity of Spirit, intention and joy.

We will gather for the shift into the darker half of the year beginning at 3pm on October 28, 2016 and conclude on Oct 30 at noon. Please be prepared to leave your inhibition behind and arrive to the weekend with a present heart and open mind. All children are welcome.

Early Bird rate (before September 25): $399
Regular rate: $450
Children under 12: $25

Please contact Lisa@LisaBennerLiving.com to register.