• Zem Yoga Roma

Three workshops to expand your energy, use your breath and advance your practice: Energy of Postures, Backbending + Pranavayu, and Advancing Your Practice. Come for one, two or all three!

Energy of Postures, Saturday, July 14, 11 am – 1 pm
This intensive will cover application of vital energy by use of breathing techniques and adjustments with a deeper look at the subtle body (chakras, bandhas, nadis) and its relationship to the practitioner.

Backbending + Pranavayu, Saturday July 14, 2 – 4 pm
Although they can be initially challenging, practicing backbends can assist: increase energy and counteract depression, stimulate the nervous system, massage the heart and lungs, adjust the vertebral column and help to regulate the menstrual cycle. This workshop will focus on accessing prana while learning to move safely and receptively through various back bending postures.

Advancing Your Practice, Sunday, July 15, 11 am – 1 pm
This two hour session will explore commonly practiced asana (postures) and learn to move into variations (binding, revolving, inverting, twisting, etc.) to intensify the benefits of the base posture. The workshop will focus on a variety of postures with a specific theme with breath and subtle body movements. Advancing Your Practice workshop is perfect for the individual looking to explore, play and access different postures that they may not practice or use in a regular practice.

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