• Illumina East Yoga (map)
  • 96 Avenue B
  • New York, NY, 10009
  • United States

In many traditions, the sun and the moon unite as symbols of balance and wholeness — the full spectrum of living.  In yoga, we bring together ha and tha — the solar and the lunar, our dharma as we relate to the world and our connection to the collective unconscious — into union.  Join Lisa Benner in honoring the chakra of the year (celebrations of the sun) and the phases of the moon as they reflect the fullness of nature — all of creation being the manifestation of prana, one energy in different forms as it holds different vibrations.  The Illumina East community is invited to gather to celebrate the cycle of life — creation, sustenance and destruction — as we unite and elevate us all.

Much love and energy has been poured into the manifestation of Illumina East.  You are invited to gather at this first quarter moon in preparation for the Fall Equinox to begin the harvest of the fruit of that labor.  As the moon waxes, we might take a risk, trust in our fullness, move forward from a place of knowing we are whole.  This workshop will include physical practice and ritual celebration followed by a communal potluck.  Please bring a journal, a writing utensil, and some vegetarian food and/or drink to share.  If you wish, you may also bring something to contribute to a communal altar.

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